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Data center solutions refer to the products and services needed to create and maintain a data center. Products include IT equipment, like servers, routers, storage systems, and firewalls, as well as supporting infrastructure for the physical data center, like cooling systems, batteries, generators and cabling.

The data center is often described as the heart of an organization, housing mission-critical applications and services without which a business cannot function. In recent years, the demands for data center have increased exponentially. The modern data center now needs to be agile enough to rapidly respond to changes, while ensuring that data and applications are always available to enable businesses to provide improved customer services and even greater business intelligence. RKS aims at helping your organization to design and implement Datacenters that cater to the internal and external clients. Our approach is to start every engagement by understanding and defining the project requirements for the Datacenter and identifying the business objectives. We understand that the success for any Datacenter is defined by the Availability and Security. Our design team works on cost–effective, energy saving and agile designs, which can provide seamless availability of the services provided. We also provide Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions for the critical business processes/applications or Datacenter.